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Today’s blog post will explain why SEO is the best long-term solution for ANY business.

We will explore:

The correlation between search engine optimization and brand awareness

The importance of user experience on your website

A few statistics about search engines

Pros and cons of different marketing channels

And long term traffic increase



Why does brand awareness matter?

When people are familiar with your brand, they are more likely to buy from you.


Having a solid reputation allows you to have a long-term customer base that trusts you.

How does SEO affect it?

By appearing in the top results of many search queries, people start to recognize your business as a leader in your branch and are more prone to going to your brand. 

Keyword research

Doing thorough keyword research allows you to find more about what your audience is looking for and give them what they want, e.g., creating content about it.

Expert content

Writing expert content makes it easy to build brand awareness because it shows expertise.

So focus on providing value, don’t leave gaps, and your audience will trust and buy from you.


Appearing on other pages doesn’t only bring you more traffic. It gets your name out there.

Having your website linked to a highly authoritative source like The Wall Street Journal shows a broader audience that you/your business are the real deal. 

How will it affect my business?

Your business becomes the go-to place for your clientele.

When you have such a reputation, people start searching for your business’ name and not your services – which is the holy grail of SEO. 

First page on many searches = authority

Finally, if you appear on many SERPs (search engine result pages), you show people that you have authority in your field and that they can trust you.


Why does UX matter?

Having a great user experience makes it easier and more engaging for users to interact with your website, thus making the selling process more straightforward.

How does SEO help with UX?

UX is at the heart of SEO because it focuses on making your website visitors happy, leading to more traffic resulting in more conversions.

(Both your personal brand’s goal and Google’s goal).

Site architecture

Making your website easy to navigate helps your visitors find what they are looking for faster.

For example, a person should be able to access any page from your homepage in 4 clicks or less.

Site speed

53% of mobile users leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

People that use the internet are becoming ever more impatient. SEO and UX focus on having the fastest site possible.

Site content

People on the internet don’t read.

Instead, they skim.

When looking for information, they want the quickest possible result.

UX and SEO focus on creating engaging content that doesn’t make users hit the back button.

The best practice to avoid your website visitors leaving is to avoid long paragraphs – instead, space out your sentences – and make sure to add informing pictures.

Mobile optimization

57.38% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices.

Therefore, a mobile-friendly design is one of Google’s most important metrics.

Focusing on a good mobile UX is a great way to make your customers happy.

Improved conversion rates

You want a user experience that is as frictionless as possible.

Creating the best experience from the moment people visit your website to the moment they hit the order button is crucial if you want to improve sales.

Good UX = happy customers.

An intuitive design that is easy to navigate will make people come back to your website.

Combine that with great content, and your brand and SEO will skyrocket.



Number of daily searches

Google is receiving 8 500 000 000 inquiries a day.

Number of new websites

The internet is growing by about 250 000 websites every day.

But, of course, this does not factor in the number of sites replacing deleted ones, so the number can be even higher!

Percentage of traffic going to the first page

90% of all traffic goes to only the first page, rendering almost all other websites useless.

Percentage of traffic going to the first result

Statistics vary, but the first organic result receives between 25% and 33% of the clicks.

Traffic conversion rates

Organic traffic receives 94% of clicks in comparison to paid traffic.

It also has a higher conversion of around 15%, but that varies by industry.

Returning visitors

Returning visitors is an essential metric since they are more likely to buy from you. 

The conversion rates of returning visitors are 75% higher.



Whether in social media or Google ads, Paid marketing is a great way to get more sales and do it quickly.

All of them work, but…

there is a caveat.

Search engine marketing and social media marketing require a constant money stream, while SEO requires patience and effort.

Why SEO is the best long-term strategy

When you stop paying Google and Meta for promotion is the exact moment you stop getting more traffic.

However, unlike them, SEO can be left on autopilot, compounding over time, as long as you maintain it.  


Excluding some software tools, SEO can be relatively cost-free, although with a lot of effort.

If you hire an agency, you will pay for a certain period and then just for maintenance once a year. 

Brand awareness

Unlike paid marketing, SEO isn’t pushy. It doesn’t beg for your attention.

Instead, you build trust with your target audience.

And they know you as the industry leader.


SEO focuses on the vital parts of building a brand, for example, showing expertise, building trust, and focusing on the user experience.

Even without its benefits, these are core business practices.


There are thousands of ads for a given product, but only 10 organic websites on its result page.

Think about that.


Your social media accounts aren’t yours.

Instead, the platform owns them.

So we cannot ignore the risk of an algorithm update or ad ban that can damage your business.


Trust in the first page results

Unless there is particular information people are looking for, the first page of the SERP is the go-to place for finding information/products on the internet.

Compound effect

If you follow all the best SEO practices, your results will compound, and your efforts will be worth it.


Because your page will have a higher authority that will increase over time.

Example campaign duration

If done at a high level, an SEO campaign usually takes 4-6 months for its results to show. 

Creates a base for the future

A well-optimized website makes it easy to add new content, change the design or tweak for a new algorithm update. 

Brand awareness

SEO is all about trust and familiarity.

You should win Google’s trust first and then the audience’s.

After that, it’s all about putting your name out there and gaining awareness.

Providing value

The best thing about search engine marketing is that you give people exactly what they want.

Providing the most value to your potential customers is how you get more sales.

Cross-platform content creation

You maximize your brand’s awareness by creating content on all media sources.

You can use your content on your website and post it on social media.

You might’ve noticed that we do that as well.

If you take a look at our Instagram and Facebook pages, you’ll see that they use the content of our blog but chopped up in many posts.


SEO – the gift that keeps on giving

Why is that so?

After reading this blog, you might have noticed a recurring theme. 

Optimizing your website leads to a better user experience.

It also shows that Google can trust your website. 

And it builds a solid foundation to create more content. 

Creating the best possible content also leads to a better user experience. 

It shows that Google can trust your website even more.

And it builds a solid foundation to generate links from it. 

Link building leads to more website visits.

And it builds a lot more trust with Google.

Which leads to higher rankings. 

Which leads to more website visits.

Website visits that enjoy a great user experience.

That shows Google that your page is good. 

That generates more links.

That make you rank even higher…

And the story goes on and on…

Search engine optimization is a positive feedback loop. 

It rewards those who put in the work to provide value.

And those that focus on the customer.

So if you do want to get the results of a successful SEO campaign without doing any of the work?

Book a call with us on, and you can outsource your website’s organic marketing to an agency that focuses entirely on that.